The best show in all of Eastern Russia!
A fusion of music, acrobatics, dance and visual effects presented in 2.0 format.
The best show in all of Eastern Russia!A fusion of music, acrobatics, dance and visual effects presented in 2.0 format.
IKRA SHOW these are two of the brightest spectacular show in the Pacific Russia! An exciting performance with an adventurous plot is sure to grab and hold the attention of even the most sophisticated viewer. The unique combination of music, dance, visual and sound effects as well as the artists performing in extreme genres will allow the viewer to experience a full range of feelings and emotions. An explosive fusion of modern and folklore, humor and grandeur, reality and wonders are packed in an-hour-and-a-half, breath taking and fun performance presented in 2.0 format. The plot is based on the confrontation between good and evil, on magic and passionate love. Unique designer costumes and the latest stage technologies. Most special attention was paid to selecting the cast of performers – the best of the best in their respective genres have joined us. All this is IKRA SHOW!

The show is designed with the most modern multimedia format in mind: surround sound, animated computer graphics, innovative lighting solutions – all this creates the effect of full immersion. All that distinguishes the world’s best shows today – the latest stage technology for illusionary and acrobatic episodes, enormous background screens and LED empowered costumes, all this you will see in our majestic project!
We made our show unique and unpredictable. From the first to the last minute, we will take you on an incredible journey filled with magical extravaganza, vivid characters, stylish choreography, intricate music and visual delight. A captivating plot, a whirlpool of events and comic situations are part of our show that will impress you and leave a long-lasting memory.
The creative group of IKRA SHOW has brought together the most talented artists of various genres, the best in the business. These are the winners of all-Russian and international competitions; dancers and musicians, acrobats, beauty contests winners, drama actors and vocalists. Some of the visual stage styles will be shown for the first time ever.

RUSALKA. A girl-fish living in the water. Instead of legs, she has a fish tail. If Rusalka gets to like a young man, she would lure him into the water and take him to the bottom. She is very beautiful, with long luxurious curls, but she is still a fish and therefore it is better not to start a family with her, unless, of course, you are a dolphin.

BOGATYR. On the one hand, Bogatyr is a fairy tale character the size of a mountain, fighting alone against a whole army of enemies. On the other hand, Bogatyrs were ordinary people who guarded the borders of ancient Russia. Of course, they are very strong and agile.

BIRD SYRIN. Another girl-bird. A bird of paradise with a golden crown on her head. She did not marry anyone but sang so beautifully that people went crazy listening to her singing. Normally, Bird Syrin would fly to apple orchards where she would sing about a wonderful future.

ZMEI GORYNYCH. Zmei Gorynych is a snake the size of a mountain. He has three heads that emanate streams of fire. Known for stealing beauties and causing trouble. A very dangerous subject – a meeting with him did not promise anything good to the Bogatyrs!

KASCHEI THE IMMORTAL. An old hooligan. Thin, wrinkled from the hardships of life, Kaschei The Immortal used to possess untold riches, but just like Zmei Gorynych, was prone to stealing beauties. It is not possible to defeat him – nobody knows how to take his life away.

TSAREVNA SWAN. Tsarevna Swan is a fairy tale beauty who could easily turn from a snow-white swan into a beautiful young maiden, and vice versa. She married Tsarevich Guidon who saved her from an evil sorcerer.

LESHY. Leshy is the master of the forest, capable of taking different forms. He is either a shaggy and bearded man or a dry tree, or the wind. Leshy loves to be mischievous: he can easily confuse a person to get them lost in the woods. Therefore, it is best to walk into the forest with a compass and not listen to the advice of strangers.

NIGHTINGALE THE ROBBER. Nightingale the Robber is not a bird, but a bandit who hid in an old oak tree on the big road. He ambushed and robbed travelers. He was nicknamed the Nightingale because he knew how to whistle to get a person deaf – the horses squatted from his whistle, and people died altogether.

VODYANOY. Vodyanoy is a spirit of water. It was believed that Vodyanoy was an old man who lived in the most dangerous and perilous places – swamps, marshes and whirlpools. Just like Rusalka, Vodyanoy has a fish tail. The favorite pastime of this inhabitant of the depths is to grab a man by the legs and drag him into a bog. A ruthless fairytale image.

BABA YAGA. Perhaps the most famous character in the Russian folk tales. An unsympathetic lonely old woman, the owner of real estate in the wilderness – a hut standing on chicken legs. Her means of transportation is a mortar, in which she flies over the forest and villages, waving a broom and frightening people.

Concert Hall «ANDEGROUND»
Gogol Street, 41
Stop "Gogol". Buses No. 23, 17, 40, 102, 114, 28